Google Translate added Sanskrit

Google Translate: Google recently added Sanskrit and 7 other Indian languages

Google Translate recently added Sanskrit and 24 other  languages

Google Translate: has recently been updated with 24 new languages ​​to take the total number of supported languages ​​worldwide to 133. Along with Sanskrit, the newly added 24 languages ​​include Assamese, Maithili, Konkani, Mizo, and Dogri, among other Indian languages. Meiteilon which is Manipuri, and Bhojpuri. A total of 19 Indian languages ​​are now available on the language-translation platform of big tech giant Google. The list of newly added languages ​​includes 16 other languages ​​from different parts of the world.

Google Translate added Sanskrit ​

Sanskrit is most requested language in Google Translate

According to a report by Economic Times, Isaac Caswell, senior computer programmer at Google Research, said, “Sanskrit is the number one, most requested language in Google Translate, and we are finally adding it”. In an Interview he also said,   ”We are adding the first languages from northeast India, which is another rather underrepresented place.” He also added, “We are working on some other features as well, but they are not yet supported for all these languages. We are trying to understand (the problems) better, and hopefully, our model will be able to support this.

Will shift to a more colloquial rather than an old-fashioned or stilted kind of thing. But we know there are other issues we’re trying to get our fingers closer on.” The recently added languages ​​are the first to be added to Google Translate using zero-shot machine translation technology. In this technique, the machine learning model sees only monolingual text. It learns to translate into another language without seeing examples.

Isaac Caswell said about this, “While this innovation is great, it is not completely perfect. Also, we’ll continue to work on these models to deliver a similar experience you’re used to with a Spanish or German translation, for example.”

Google Translate now supports 19 Indian languages

According to a report by India Today, around 20000 people use Sanskrit in India. However, being the source of most languages ​​in the Indo-European category, it is important to bring Sanskrit to the Google Translate platform. Apart from Sanskrit, other Indian languages ​​in the latest version of Google Translate are Assamese, Bhojpuri, Dogri, Konkani, Maithili, Mizo, and Meitilone (Manipuri), taking the total number of Indian languages ​​supported by the service to 19.

Google Translate added Sanskrit

More than 300 million people use the newly added languages ​​– for example, Mizo is spoken by about 800,000 people in northeastern India, and Lingala is spoken by more than 45 million people throughout Central Africa. As part of the update, the indigenous languages ​​of the Americas (Quechua, Guarani, and Aymara) and an English dialect (Sierra Leonean Creo) have also been added to Google Translate.

About: Google Translate

Google Translate was launched in April 2006 as a statistical machine translation service, it used documents and transcripts from the United Nations and the European Parliament to gather linguistic data. Instead of translating languages ​​directly, it first translates text into English and then pivots to the target language in most of the language combinations in its grid, with a few exceptions, including Catalan-Spanish.

Google Translate added Sanskrit ​

Google Translate provides a website interface, a mobile application for Android and iOS, and an API that helps developers build browser extensions and software applications. As of May 2022, Google Translate supports 133 languages ​​at various levels, and as of April 2016, claimed more than 500 million total users, with more than 100 billion words translated per day.

Google Translate added Sanskrit

When the company began its operations in May 2013, It served more than 200 million people daily. In November 2016, Google announced that Google Translate would switch to a neural machine translation engine – Google Neural Machine Translation (GNMT) – that “translates entire sentences at a time, not just fragments. Uses context. Find the most relevant translation, which he rearranges and adjusts like a human speaking with proper grammar”.

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