Shahana: 20-year-old Kerala model-actor found hanging on her birthday

Shahana: 20-year-old Kerala model-actor found hanging on her birthday

Shahana: A young model and small time actress from Kozhikode, Kerala.  On Thursday, May 12, she was celebrated her 21st birthday. But her family did not know that the day would end in tragedy. Later that night, at around 1 am, her family who live in Kasargod district received a call that the actress had been found dead. On May 13, the police took her husband Sajjad into custody after Shahana’s family alleged that she was murdered.

Shahana, a native of Cheruvathur in Kasargod district, has acted in several jewellery ads and married Sajjad around one and half years ago. Sajjad, who was previously employed in Qatar, started living with Shahana in his house in Kozhikode. When she told her family that her in-laws and sister-in-law were torturing her along with Sajjad, her mother suggested that the couple move out. A few weeks ago they shifted to a rented house in Parambil Bazar in Kozhikode city.

Shahana: family alleges murder by husband

“My daughter will never die by suicide, she was murdered.” She used to cry all the time saying they were torturing her. He used to get drunk and create trouble. His parents and sister were also torturing her, then I suggested that they move to a separate house. Even after that my daughter told me that he was behaving badly with her and wanted money. The 25 sovereigns of gold that we gave had been used. Her mom let the media know that “she needed to meet us on her birthday”. She also alleged that Sajjad would not let Shahana see her family or invite them to the house, according to Mathrubhumi.


Initially police suspect suicide based on Sajjad’s word

Shahana’s brother also believes foul play in the circumstances of her death. Talking to the media, he said that the police initially suspected suicide on the basis of Sajjad’s words. “Whenever they came in, her body was in his lap. He guarantees she kicked the bucket by self destruction, for what reason would it be a good idea for us to trust that?” he questioned.


Her brother also claimed, “Of late, Sajjad had threatened her for a cheque which she got through advertisements. She spoke to her mother last evening and she was normal in her conversation. Today evening her significant other informed that her body was spotted holding tight the window barbecue. We are sure that she was killed yesterday and there are more than 2 people involved and her husband needs to be taken into custody as we suspect him behind this.”

Relatives stated that she was domestic voilated

Her relatives alleged that she was subjected to rigorous torture and domestic violence by her husband Sajjad. Relatives further alleged that Sajjad had threatened to kill her if she refused to give him a cheque that she received for an advertisement.


Shahana: Neighbour told to media Sajjad shouted for help

Shahana and Sajjad’s neighbour, who is also the owner of the house they were staying in, was the first to notice that something was amiss. The house owner told Media One that Sajjad shouted for help saying Shahana was not responding. “When I went there, she was lying on his lap. He told us that she did not respond. I suggested calling the police. Police arrived and it was in their jeep that she was rushed to the medical college.”

Shahana: husband taken into police custody

Shahana’s better half, Sajjad, has been arrested for addressing. The couple entered wedlock a year-and-half ago and was living in a rental accomodation. Police are actually looking at the abusive behavior at home as well as murder prospects since there indicate successive contentions and battles between the couple.


Shahana: Police seize drugs from Shahana’s residence

The police have held onto cannabis, MDMA and LSD stamps from the home of entertainer and model Shahana who was tracked down dead at her home here in Chevayur on Friday. The examination group said that Shahana’s body will be sent for substance investigation to actually take a look at the presence of medications in her body.

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